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Kids Yoga Teacher Training 


On completion of the 300hrs. YTT, one can opt to complement it with our 100hrs
KYTT program, which is specially designed keeping in mind the imparting of yoga to children in the age range of 5-13yrs.
Teaching yoga to children is a different ball game altogether and comes with its own unique set of challenges. Factors such as varied age group, short attention span, non- seriousness towards the subject etc. have to be cleverly tackled, enable reach the essence of the practice to these little minds.
Our Kids YTT program has been designed to equip the future teachers with all the necessary tools, to be able to understand each and every child's individual need and cater to him/her accordingly, in a manner where they don't feel intimidated by the process but learn to slowly and steadily enjoy it, very organically assimilating it into
their young lives for a bright future.

Course Duration & Schedule

At Hathavidya we have a series of 5 children's yoga books published under our own in-house publication, 'Thapobhoomi".
These are-
1. Drops

2. Blossom

3. In the Mould

4. Progress

5. Metamorphosis

The above books have been carefully planned level wise, so that kids can start from the basic level and slowly graduate upwards to the final level. Each book is in the form of a story with a central character, which keeps the child interested in not only the asana and pranayama process, but he/she also learns various yogic concepts in a fun interactive way.

Course Features

1. Yoga Alliance International accredited
2. Total duration 3months, spread over 12weekends
3. Course material is supplied, which includes our children's series books, notebook, pen, uniform
4. Access to workshops conducted in the duration of the course
5. Special offer for retreats
6. Free subscription to our quarterly E- Magazine
7. Placement opportunity in all our centres across the globe (conditions apply)
Overview of the course curriculum-
1. Kids specific asanas are taught not only practically, but also with the help of step by step line drawings, which is a very engaging way to teach kids, enable the asana to be set in their minds

Suitability and Considerations for this Course

Theory sessions explaining how and why teaching kids is different as compared to adults, and the pertinent points to be remembered keeping in mind their growing bodies and minds 3. Fun conceptual games that engage kids and increase their focus and concentration and broaden their thinking 4. Sanskrit names of the asanas with their meanings while weaving fantasy or historical stories around them, making them relatable to kids. Thus the KYTT course is for those who want to have a hand in teaching this timeless science to kids, and want to get to know an authentic and safe way to do it. This will aid not only in the overall development of the children, but also make them into responsible all-rounder adults.

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