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Find your path of self-discovery through our yoga programs.

Review our programs and services.

  • Regular Classes

    Our recurring yoga classes will set you on a journey of transformation.
    Valid for one month
    • Online classes
    • Offline classes
  • Yoga for Kids

    This prompted the development of the "NISHṬHA  Kids Yoga Program."
    Valid for one month
    • Help children develop focus
    • Improves flexibility, strength, and coordination.
    • Fosters self-esteem and a positive self-image.
  • Yoga Teachers Training

    500 hours and 300 hours comprise the yoga teacher training. In-depth instruction.
    Valid for 6 months
    • 300 YTT Yoga teachers training
    • 500hrs YTT Yoga teachers teaining
  • Special Yoga therapy & Health Management

    (Pre/Post natal, Senior , corporates ,weight loss, Stress Relief, Palliative care, Kids Yoga)
    Valid for one month
    • Pre natal/ Post natal Yoga
    • Yoga for Seniors
    • Paliative care yoga
    • Accidental Recovery yoga
    • Yoga for Corprates
    • Stress Relief Program
  • Yoga Philosophy

    Every month
    Vashishta Samhitha , Bagavath Geetha, Siva Samhitha.
    Valid for 6 months+ 2 day free trial
    • Pàtañjala Yoga Sūtra
    • Gheranda Samhitha
    • Hathayoga Pradipika
  • Pre-Natal/Post-Natal Yoga

    Yogic rest and health benefits for mother and child during pregnancy.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Yoga for Corporates

      +$10 Sanitizations
      Yoga teaches deep breathing and inner strength, preparing you for work naturally and focused
      Valid for one month
      • Inside campus workshops
      • 50 attendees
      • 2 Teachers
      • 2 Sessions per week
    • Personal Classes

      The per person offer mentioned is valid for a maximum of 2 people taking the personal class together
      Valid for one month
      • 24 class
      • 3 Sessions per week
      • 60 days
    • Chāndrayanam

      A Complete Rejuvenating program
      Valid for one month
      • Weight loss
      • Yogic diet
      • Stress Management
      • Health Management
      • Diabatic Control & Blood purification program
    • Yoga for Seniors

      Graceful aging with yoga
      Valid for one month
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