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Ushtrasana - Asanas [ s1:e1 ]

Updated: 2 days ago

Asana is one of the ancient yogic practices, which forms the base for all other practices in Yoga. The goal of Yoga is Raja Yoga, but to reach Raja Yoga, one needs to go through the bodily austerities through asana practice to strengthen and purify the body. As per Yoga sutras of Patanjali, the characteris tic feature of asana is stability and com fort i.e., sthiram sukham asanam. Though asana is practiced bodily but when an asana is practiced to the final posture with ease, it should bring the tranquilizing effect on the mind. When asana is performed in synchronisation with breath, mind gains stability.


To reach to the final posture of any asana with ease, one should formulate the body in a progressive manner. Asana practice needs step by step prepa ration, by working on the lower and upper limbs. It’s a continuum of sukshma sthulavyayam (subtle gross move ments), which starts with the physical aspect of flexing and stretching the upper and lower extremities and then gradually progressing to performing asanas. Asana should be completely effortless, ending in the steadiness of body and mind. Let’s have an insight into one of the clas sical asanas Ushtrasana.

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