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Hatha Pradipika:Hatha Yoga for Raja Yoga ( s1:e2 )

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Raja Yoga according to Swatmarama is the final goal of Hatha Yoga. Raja Yoga is a term associated with Patanjali’s yoga. This word is not used in the yoga sutra; however, the commentators of the text have used Raja Yoga as the goal of Patanjali’s yoga, therefore, equating it with the state of Samadhi. In Hatha Pradipika, Swatmarama refers to Samadhi as a synonym of Raja Yoga.

A hatha vidya yoga image which have relation to hatha yoga

Though both Patanjali and Svatmarama describe reaching the state of Samadhi, both are different. Hatha Yoga has a distinct process to reach this state.

According to Hatha Yoga, this begins with Asanas, then proceeds with Mitahara, Nadisodhana Pranayama, Kumbhakas, and the course of vayu into the Sushumna.

Vayu, the life force or Prana flows through the Sushumna nadi, the central channel of energy to reach the state of Manomani or Samadhi. This state is attained after practicing various Kumbhakas. And Kumbhaka or breath retention is possible only once the Nadi sodhana Pranayama purifies the nadis.


The Hatha Pradipika's clear and systematic approach to Hatha Yoga practices makes it a valuable resource for yoga enthusiasts and practitioners. Its emphasis on the connection between Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga ensures a successful yogic journey.

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