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Origin Of Yoga [s1:s5]

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Samkhya Darshana talks about finding out a way from the three kinds of sufferings known as Dukhatraya – Aadhi Daivika , Aadhi Bhautika & Aadhyatmika. Adi Daivika - This is the pain that we get from unseen sources like gods, fate (daiva) and nature. Adi Bhautika - These are the miseries that are caused by Bhutas or other living beings. Adhyatmika - These are the sufferings that are caused by our body and mind.

yoga poses

The misidentification of the seer – The Purusha (the consciousness), in presence of Prakriti (the manifest), becomes the basic cause of suffering or sorrows. Purusha is the witness, and although the actions are performed through the power of gunas i.e., Prakriti, the neutral witness –Purusha appears to be performing the actions. The end of this misinterpretation of Purusha to Prakriti is called liberation or kaivalya. It’s noteworthy to remark about the development of Yoga particularly in the Indian continent earlier known as Jambudvipa, as mentioned in the Puranas.

Origin of Yoga - To be continued

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