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Origin of Yoga [s1:s6 - last episode]

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 The geographical and environ mental conditions of this place led to the development of civilization at a very early stage of human history and also supported in providing the best opportunity for the development of the discipline of yoga. The earliest verifiable traces of yoga dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization.

yoga asanas mural

Archaeological excavations from the region uncovered numerous seals and motifs carrying yogic significance. The yogic content of the seals and terracotta figurines can be classified in different groups, bearing out many levels of the practice of yoga. The terracotta figurines represent the preliminary stage of yoga through the postures of asanas. The Indus people were so much steeped in the practice of yoga that they not only considered the cryptic indications to it lying embedded in the Veda & represented the same in the form of the engravings on the seals, but also tried to inculcate interest in their children through embodiments displaying several yogic asanas.

 All these tangible explanations bring light to the fact that the knowledge of Yoga existed much before the exis tence of the popularly available doctrines of Yoga such as Patanjali Yoga Sutra, and thus the misidentification of the origin of Yoga can be cleared.

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