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Pranavam - The cosmic sound ( s1: e1 )

Updated: 2 days ago

Since the days of origin of human race, man has been an ardent seeker of knowing about his own exis tence and the source of the existence (nature) surrounding human life. The external surrounding factors made him a happy person as well as created fear and also made him anxious. Our ancient masters in pursuit of this truth understood that there is a strong connection between their exis tence and the surrounding nature in which they live.

sound waves

The infinite nature of the cosmic sound system has always been looked upon with astonishment. They recognized that the chang es that takes place in the surroundings also influences changes in the mental and physical conditions of human beings. They comprehended that human life is only a small part of the complex interconnected cosmic system and that resonances within them. The subtle movements in the universal system impacts human existence. They realized that the function ing of the entire living beings is subject to this universal rhythm which helped them break free from the insecurities and anxieties to have peaceful and joyful life. They also understood, this eternal force that underpins the cosmic existence is beyond time, space and form and that it cannot be limited to mere names or words. However, only in order to express it through a language, such an eternal and everlasting system was referred to as ‘Pranav am’, commonly reffered as ‘Omkar’.

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