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Ushtraasana - Asanas [ s1:e2 ]

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Ushtrasana, is famously known as “Camel Posture”, as in the final position of the asana, the body position in the asana resembles that of a camel. One of the classical texts, Gheranda Samhita mentions Ushtrasana as a part of its 32 asanas. The verse 41 of Chapter.

image of asana of hatha yoga

2, describes Ushtrasanas as below:

adhyāsya śete padayugmavyastam

prsthenidhāyāpi dhṛtamkarābhyām/

ākuñcya samyagdhyudarāsyagādham

austram ca pitham yatayo vadanti //41//

 The above verse when translated, means “Lie prone with legs turned up towards the back and hold with hands. Contract the abdomen vigorously. Raise the head and contract the mouth also”. The asana finds its mention in few other texts as well. For instance, the text, ‘sri-yoga-kaustubha’ (SYK-83) by Sharma Shri Nathrama, describes the asana with the name ‘ustra-nisadanasa na’ And the other text where one can find the mention is ‘nagojibhatta-vrtti’ (NBV II-46) – a commentary on yoga sutra of Patanjali, 1930. It has described 100 asanas, and one those is Ushtrasana.

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