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Ushtraasana - Asanas[ s1:e3 ]

Updated: 2 days ago

As per Gheranda Samhita, the practice method is different as described in the verse 41 of Chapter 2. The Encyclopae dia of Traditional Asanas, by M.L. Gharotehas described the asana method as per different classical texts in a differ ent manner than Gheranda Samhita.

hatha yoga asana

 In Hatha Vidya Tradition, we perform Ushtrasana as below:

  • Sit in Vajraasana.

  • Distance the knees to about 15 cm (approximately 2 fist distance) and stand on the knees.

  • Feet should also be equidistant apart as knees.

  • Keep the arms on the shoulder level in front of the body.

  • Raise the left hand and lean backward by pushing the hip forward and hold the left foot with left hand.

  •  Repeat the same on right side

  • Drop the head backward and push the hips forward keeping the thighs verti cal.

  • The body weight should be evenly distributed between the legs and the arms.

  • Maintain the final position till com fortable.

  • Return to the starting position by slowly releasing the hands to the shoulder level one after another and sit back in Vajraasana.

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