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Ushtraasana - Asanas[ s1:e4 ]

Updated: 2 days ago

 When one attains the final position of Ushtrasana, with ease, one needs to focus on the stretch on lower abdomen, contraction on lower back. As all yogic asanas yield physical along with psychosomatic results, Ushtrasana also has many health benefits, as mentioned below:

Image of Ushtraasana

  •  Increases the vital capacity of lungs, as it stimulates breathing and blood circulation to head and cardiac region, thus helps in restoring energy

  • It mainly works on internal organs like kidneys, pancreas, and adrenal glands.

  • Improves the functioning of heart as heart presses against the sternum.

  • It is a backbend asana that confronts gravity, results in the stretching of chest and abdominal muscles.

  • It makes thoracoabdominal region flexible and provides strength to the vertebral column.

The asana should be avoided by people with slip disc and cervical spon dylitis issues. Hypertensive patients can also avoid this asana. People with hernia and abdominal issues and vertigo should also abstain from performing Ushtrasa na.

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