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The cycle of new moon new imson is represemed ry Yavam or Harley. The Chandrayanam practices in this cycle start with fasting and gradual ly increasing the quantity of food till the 15th day when 15 morsels of food would be consumed and which the quantity would once again be reduced till the last day which would be a fast again.
The yagis undertaking this austerity practice would spend the rest of time in jappu, dhyana and moditation
We in Hatha Vidyu have drawn from this wonderful ancient practice ind modified it to suit the modern times. The modern man is Pracy running through the day with handly any control over the dist or lifestyle Accordingly, the program inchades asanas, pranayama and cleans ing procceses which are tailored to indi vidual noodi and fitted around their current lifestyle. The food recommended is also hased on one's eating practices, caloris noods and Mitahara.

There are two ways of practicing Chandrayanam.

  1. Pipeelika (Ant) - The cycle goes between the Full Moon – New Moon – (ends with the next) Full Moon.

  2. Yavam (Barley) - The cycle goes between the New Moon – Full Moon – (ends with the next) New Moon

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