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Yoga Nidra

Experience profound relaxation and introspection with our Yoga Nidra sessions at Hathavidya Yoga School. This guided meditation technique enhances mental and physical revitalization, mitigating stress and enhancing sleep quality. These sessions are appropriate for individuals at any skill level.

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Sunday, July 21th | Coppell

Align Body With Mind

When the fluctuations of the mind cease, the mind falls into stillness. But the cessation of these ripples in mind is hard to achieve. Yoga confirms us this possibility of calming the mind through the method of MEDITATION. Through meditation one becomes cognizant of self. And via this cognizance one can establish natural state of constant awareness within self.

Yoga asserts that an equanimous mind can be achieved through meditation, but meditation is a very subjective state, so teaching meditation is very hard. But the right methods of focusing when combined, can result into meditation. Meditation process when taken through different stages, can lead to an effective meditation. 

Time and Location

Sunday, July 21st | Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm

Haṭha Vidyã Traditional School Of Yoga, 568 South Coppell Road, Coppell, TX, 75019

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Insight Into Asanas

You're welcome for joining us for our exclusive segment on asanas, which are the physical poses of yoga that are fundamental to our practice at Haṭha Vidyã Traditional School of Yoga. Asanas serve as more than mere physical exercises; they act as a pathway to achieve equilibrium and unity between the mind and body, establishing the foundation for a profound spiritual journey.Asanas, derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "pose" or "seat," constitute one of the eight components of yoga as described by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras

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August 25th


'Aum' is the Primordial sound of creation; the original vibration of the universe from which all other vibrations manifested overtime. 

Today science also agrees that all life on earth is simply energy, occupying space and matter. Thus everything we’ve ever known in this universe is nothing but vibration, resonating at various frequencies.

By chanting Aum regularly and in the correct manner, we can align our frequency with that of the universe, thereby creating a sense of oneness; a deep realisation of our own true nature. 

We invite you all to experience this sense of calming oneness for yourself, at our centres under the able guidance of our Acharya Bala.

25th August 2024 | coppell

Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm

August 3rd

The Wheel Of Karma

Truly said that its impossible to understand the nature of karma, however it is possible to get a small idea of its functionality through certain aspects.

An action performed will bear its due results, but when a person can stay away from the binding factors of those results, it leads to liberation. 
When the understanding through Yoga, transforms this perception of Karma, the performer continues to do his duty without being affected with its results, whatsoever and not letting them create a new pattern of karmas again.

Acharya Bala, through this workshop will explain different types of karma and how it is possible to come out of the clutches of these binding actions.

Mark your calendars as this workshop is open to all levels of practitioners.

3rd August 2024 |Coppell

Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm

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Mudam raati dadati iti 'Mudra.- that which gives happiness. And this happiness reflects in the consciousness.
Unfortunately today the word Mudra is instantly equated to "Hastha Mudras' or Hand gestures, which is not a part of Hatha yoga, but is a part of Tantra shastras. In Hatha yoga, Mudra refers to Psychic gestures, which enable the practitioner to reach closer to the goal of awakening the Kundalini energy. In all there are 10 mudras elaborated in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, one of the most important literature available on Hatha yoga today. These Mudras should be carefully practiced only under the guidance of a competent guru for it to reap fruit.


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Kundalini – The most inconspicuous topic talked in Yoga. But what is Kundalini?

Is Kundalini just a concept, or is it really awakening of a sleeping serpent in our body?


Or Is Kundalini a Divine Cosmic Energy with in us?

Yoga practitioners will get a glimpse on the subtle aspects of Kundalini, come to an understanding that Kundalini is a method to realization, to discover the inner potential within oneself. The workshop will probe into deeper theoretical aspects and practical applications of Kundalini.

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Enhance your yoga practice by participating in our Dharana program at Hathavidya Traditional School of Yoga. This session will delve into the practice of concentrated focus, a fundamental aspect of classical yoga philosophy. By engaging in structured workouts and employing conventional methods.

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Science Of Breath

BREATH- it is the first act of life, and also the last! Infact our very existence on earth depends on our breath. And yet sadly today, a vast majority of us lack knowledĝe on how to do it correctly or with awareness. 

'Prana' is the life-force within us and 'ayama' is sanskrit for 'control'. Thus put together Pranayama means - to control the lifeforce or vital energy within us. 

Breath is the gross manifestation of this subtle energy within. Thus in order to be able to control the prana we must first start with our breath. 

In this workshop our Acharya Bala with years of experiential knowledge by his side, will unlock deep insights into this Science of Breath, which includes among other things techniques to regulate the breath, which when done on a regular basis helps not only at the physical level, but eventually helps with reaching an equanimous state of mind which is the ultimate goal for all spiritual seekers

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Swara means science of breath

Human body is not just the flesh and bones it is filled with mysteries which we cannot understand ordinarily. One such mystery is our nasal cycle or Swara.

Whatever is there in the universe is inside our body too. In in the universe there are two opposite energies of the sun and the moon, similarly these energies are also present in our body. The right nostril is connected to the subtle energy channel called pingala which is the heating principle associated with sun. The left nostril is connected to the subtle energy channel called ida which is the cooling principle and is associated with the moon.

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Shodhana Kriya

A very integral part of hatha yoga is the cleansing techniques or Shodhana kriyas. If we look from an analytical point of view, all yogic practices are in some form a process of cleansing. However Shodhan kriyas are a set of preparatory practices used by ancient Yogis to cleanse the body internally to prepare them for higher practices.
In this workshop you will not only get hands on practical experience on a few basic cleansing techniques, but also learn about the various ways in which with minimum external tools the body can be cleansed of the toxins.

Time and Location

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Prāṇāyāma Sādhanā Retreat

Experience the transformative potential of breath during our Pranayama Sadhana Retreat. Experience a profound and life-changing expedition as you delve into time-honored respiratory methods that will revitalize your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

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Master Class 
Sadhana Retreat

 Explore the depths of your yoga practice with Hathavidya Traditional School of Yoga!  The Masterclass we offer is a distinctive, 12-month program tailored for skilled individuals aiming to enhance their comprehension and implementation of yoga.

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