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Haṭha Vidyã Traditional School of Yoga

Preserving Yoga for

  Haṭha Vidyã 

  Traditional School of Yoga

Haṭha Vidyã Traditional School of Yoga was created to preserve and share the traditional Haṭha Yoga techniques so that everyone can learn the right way to do yoga.

The Haṭha Yogic lineage can be traced back to the first Yogi, Adi Nath. This lineage has not imparted any discernible influence or imprint on any of the yogic practices. The concept is ubiquitous, all-encompassing, and comprehensive in its relevance to the entirety of humanity.

Haṭha Yogic practices have mostly been passed down orally from the Guru to the Shishya (the student). There are many manuscripts and shastras (classical texts) that list some of its methods, but they are spread out over many texts.

Based on old texts, Haṭha Vidyã has compiled traditional yogic techniques to its system. Haṭha Vidyã Tradition is the way to get to the heart of Yoga.

Haṭha Vidyã is an organization that works to preserve the yogic heritage.

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 Haṭha Yoga Classes


Regular Classes

Aside from basic asanas, our regular lessons also cover pranayama and meditation.We give individualized training, even if the practitioner is practicing with a group. After looking at the student's age, body type, previous yoga experience, health problems, and medical background, if any, we use a methodical approach.Our attention is on the subtle elements of Yoga to help people get the most out of it. When doing asanas, we stress incorporating the five essential aspects.

Yoga Philosophy

In our Yoga Philosophy course, we'll be looking at some of the most influential and famous works on the subject, with the goal of providing students with the rare opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This course covers Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Sahmhita, the two classical text on Haṭha Yoga . The Patanjala Yoga Sutra is another subject we cover in Yoga Philosophy course . This course is intended to provide a complete philosophical understanding on yoga.

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Yoga Teacher Training

Our Yoga Teacher Training program is structured to enable to students to gain an overall understanding about what yoga is, and its underlying practices. We focus on the subtle principles and concepts underlying the methods of practices as per traditional texts.

The course is suitable for anyone of the age of 18 and above. No prior experience in yoga is necessary for joining this course. In case if you have any health issues or pre-existing conditions, the practices can be customized.

One who has experienced the real benefit of Yoga, can only sincerely impart training to others.Our Yoga Teacher Training course is designed to enable students to gain this experiential understanding of yoga.

Kids Yoga

The education imparted during childhood will form a strong foundation for the rest of life. This is true with Yoga education and training also. Children with their natural instincts can understand and adapt to Yoga much more quickly. Sowing the seeds of Yoga at an early age will help children to grow as strong, balanced, and responsible individuals capable of facing the challenges of life.

Through Yoga practices, children are enabled to become aware of their strengths and to bring out their dormant potential. Yoga has infiltrated numerous aspects of our existence. Competitive yoga is an example of such an unusual form of yoga. We have come to the realization that individuals frequently equate "achieving" challenging Yoga poses with perfection, when in fact these poses were not intended for children of that age. 

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Yoga Philosophy(Podcast)

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Haṭha Vidyã unveils the world's first comprehensive Twelve-Year Sadhana program.

Sadhana is a discipline undertaken to achieve a specific goal. And the main goal for any spiritual seeker is to get to know one's own true nature; to understand one's ownself completely, in order to be able to understand the cosmos therein.
As a man goes through life, performing all his duties and responsibilities based on each stage of life, he experiences periods of joy and despair, of pain and happiness. And then there comes a time when he pauses, takes a step behind, and starts to question the reason and significance of this whole process of life.
As per the philosophy of Karma, a human being takes birth in order to exhaust his previously accumulated karmas; the ones that he has accumulated in all of his past
lives. And it is said that one can gain a certain amount of control on his present life only once he has exhausted all of his Prarabdh karma or the Karma that has led him to take the current form and placed him in the situation that he is, in this lifetime.

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