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आसनानि समस्तानि यावन्तोजीवजन्तवः ।

चतुरशीति लक्षाणिशिवेनकथितानि च ।।१।।

āsanāni samastāni yāvanto jīvajantavaḥ caturaśiti laksāni śivena kathitāni ca

There are 8400 Thousands of Āsanas described by Siva. The postures are as many in number as there are numbers of species of living creatures in this universe.

Gheranda Samhita 2:1

Children are encouraged to engage in regular yoga practice, thereby incorporating it into their lifestyle.

When it comes to the education that one receives in yoga, the same principle applies as it does to the foundation that one's early education serves as for the rest of their life. Because of the fact that children have innate instincts, yoga is simple for them to comprehend. Through the practice of yoga, children can develop a sense of responsibility, physical strength, and balance. Yoga is best introduced to children at a young age because it is most effective in fostering these qualities. The goal of our Kids Yoga classes, which are geared specifically toward children between the ages of 5 to13, is to assist them in the process of cultivating a consistent practice that will eventually become an essential component of their way of life. Every child in our class receives individualized attention that is tailored to their specific capabilities because we use a traditional individualized approach. This technique ensures that every child receives the attention they deserve.

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Enhancing Children's Development with Yoga

Once children take part in our Kids Yoga classes, they have the opportunity to be motivated to realize and be inspired to reach their full potential. The cultivation of strength, equilibrium, and adaptability from an early stage onward is something that we are dedicated to doing in order to lay the groundwork for a future that is robust, empowered, and conscious. In addition, we are dedicated to the development of adaptability in our organizations.


An individual's formative education will serve as a solid foundation for their future endeavors. The same holds true for yoga training and education. The innate intelligence of children enables them to comprehend and adjust to Yoga considerably more rapidly. Promoting the practice of yoga during childhood can facilitate the development of robust, well-rounded, and accountable young individuals who are equipped to confront the complexities of existence.By engaging in Yoga exercises, children can develop an understanding of their personal strengths and unlock latent capabilities.Children spanning from five to thirteen years of age are welcome to enroll in our Kids Yoga classes. Children are encouraged to engage in regular yoga practice, thereby incorporating it into their lifestyle.

Haṭha Vidyã Regular Class For Children

Personalized attention for the children will be guaranteed through the use of a traditional one-on-one approach in this course. Physical capabilities will inform the way in which children are instructed.Practitioners of Kids Yoga who hold certifications from World yoga Foundation will instruct the course.Online access to these courses is also provided at our centers.

Nishṭha - Transform Your Child For The Better

Yoga has infiltrated numerous aspects of our existence. Competitive yoga is an example of such an unusual form of yoga. We have come to the realization that individuals frequently equate "achieving" challenging Yoga poses with perfection, when in fact these poses were not intended for children of that age. Misconceptions that are circulating must be confronted, as engaging in such practices without proper guidance can ultimately lead to health risks. This prompted the development of the "Nishṭha Kids Yoga Program." As its name implies, Nishṭha is demonstrating how the incorporation of Yoga into one's life regimen contributes to the cultivation of discipline. We have devised a comprehensive eight-month curriculum to instill in our young superstars a disciplined practice-based program that thoroughly drills them into the fundamental principles and intentions of Yoga. We possess a high degree of assurance that this will establish a solid foundation for their future development as Yoga practitioners, preventing them from being misled by the incorrect techniques that their novice sensibilities inadvertently encounter. Better physical and mental health would result from participation in such a program, leading to increased academic achievement and a more disciplined, morally upright disposition. With Yoga receiving global acclaim, our objective is to foster a lineage of youthful, dynamic, and above all, knowledgeable Yoga practitioners who will serve as an inspiration to subsequent generations. Incorporating a distinctive line drawing technique that is tailored to each of the asanas in this program will enhance the children's engagement, facilitate their mastery of the methods, and inspire them to confidently execute the tasks. Designed with a progressive approach to ensure that children acquire knowledge and comprehension of Yoga in an entertaining and educational setting. Appropriately guided instruction is implemented to maintain their interest in learning.

Course Duration & Schedule

The Nishṭha program is structured into three distinct levels, with each level lasting for a duration of eight months. For children's yoga, we have developed a one-of-a-kind curriculum comprised of five exclusive textbooks published in our "Path of Harmony" series.Each of the program's three tiers maintains an eight-month duration. For children's yoga, we have developed a one-of-a-kind curriculum comprised of five exclusive textbooks published in our "Path of Harmony" series.

Suitability and Considerations for this Course

The course is suitable for all children between the age of 5 and 13 years.

No matter your Location we bring Yoga to you!

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