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About  Haṭha Vidyã

The phrase "Haṭha Vidyã" can be translated as the knowledge or wisdom of Yoga. The term 'Haṭha' in Sanskrit is composed of 'ha' which signifies vital energy or the sun, and 'tha' which represents the moon, denoting mental energy. Haṭha Vidyã harmonizes these energy, promoting a condition of mental equilibrium. Haṭha Vidyã, being the most authentic and traditional practice, serves as the first step in improving one's psycho-physiological well-being.


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Haṭha Vidyã Gurukulam expounds the quintessence of the Science of Yoga stressing on the tradition and scientific theory.We take utmost care not to lose the values brought forth by our ancient sages and great masters. Our main object is to spread the avidness on ancient values among the masses who are caught up in the modern day rat race. We focus on the karma of imparting the traditional Yoga around the globe through workshops and seminars ensuring the wholehearted participation of our skilled and dedicated teachers.

Haṭha Vidyã

The term "Haṭha Vidyã" means the wisdom of Yoga. 'Haṭha' in Sanskrit is composed of two syllables 'Ha' and 'tha', in which 'ha' represents the prana and 'tha' represents the mental energy. When practicing Haṭha Vidyã, the synchronized flow of these two energies leads to a balanced state of mind.

Haṭha Vidyã is the purest and the most traditional form of yoga. It is the first step to improve one's psycho- physiological state (mind and body) to attain complete wellbeing. Haṭha Vidyã empowers the practitioner to control the mind through the body

About Our Acharya

Bala, the Founder and the Director of Haṭha Vidyã Gurukulam, hails from Thrissur district of Kerala in India.His journey on the Path of Yoga began in Yoga - Vedanta Forest Academy, Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh where he attained the basic training in Yoga. After which he took to extensive travelling through the expanse of Northern India,.exploring his way to seek the truth. Fortunately, he came across some of the eminent masters who imparted him the wisdom to experience the true essence of Yogic journey. In 2006 he met his Guru H.H. Srividyamba Saraswathi of Chaya peeth and received initiation into Natha tradition.Under the tutelage of his Guru, in 2008, he established Haṭha Vidyã Gurukulam at Thrissur, Kerala in order to impart a training to Yoga aspirants from all walks of life.

In 2009, under his chairmanship Thapobhoomi, a residential Yoga institute was established on the banks of the Gayathri River at Pazhayannur in Thrissur district of Kerala,India. Its publication division started in 2010.

In 2012, Sri. Bala established the first international wing of Haṭha Vidyã Gurukulam, in Dubai, UAE.

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A true location from which one can obtain the authentic experience of Yoga by means of mental and physical purification. Thapobhoomi derives its name from the words thapas (penance) and bhoomi (land). The utmost level of mental and physical bliss is attained through the practice of such yogic techniques. This purification procedure has been completed on the sacred ground of Pazhayannur, situated along the banks of the "Gayathri River" in Thrissur, Kerala. "Thapobhoomi" is therefore an appropriate appellation for this haven of tranquility and calm. Scholars assert that Muneeshvaran, a Shaivite ascetic, attained enlightenment through meditation on this land many years ago. Folklore in the village of Pazhayannur recounts his mystic exploits. Following this great Sage's departure, it lapsed into obsolescence and was subsequently appropriated by Mother Nature.

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