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Yogic Games - The Om game [ s1:e1 ]

Updated: 2 days ago

This is a game where firstly, the teacher chooses a number and ensures all students know the multiplication table of the selected number. Then, start ing from 1, each student is asked to sayout loud the succeeding number. For example the first student says number “1”, then the second student says number “2” and so on.

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Now the trick of this game is when it's time to say a multi ple of the numeral the teacher chose, the concerned student must say ‘Om’. For instance, continuing with the above example, assuming the selected number is 3, then the third student should say ‘Om’ instead of saying 3. Similarly the students who get the numbers 6, 9 etc should be saying ‘Om’ as these are mul tiples of 3. If the student does not say ‘Om’, they are out of the game. This way, the game continues until the last one left wins. This game helps improve concentration, and mathematical skills and when played in Sanskrit, it can improve linguistic skills

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